Blogs showing in admin before blogger completes registration

I have several blogs showing in my "blogs" list under site admin where it appears the blogger has not completed the registration and activated the site. Is this normal? Do they drop off if the user does not activate their blog within the allotted amount of time?

  • Kirk Ward

    I invited my "beta testers" yesterday. Today I visited each site to see if the default template and new site defaults were working, and to see if anyone had changed anything, as there are several things they need to do ... add their logo and header, activate some widgets, and write some posts.

    When I entered the URL of several of these new user sites, it resolved to the "New Blog Registration" page, from which I could only presume that the blog had not been activated.

    It has been less than the 48 hours that is specified as the period before the registration is abandoned, but I am wondering if the blog will still be sitting in my admin blog screen forever and ever, and if that email address will be released for another time if the blog is not activated.

    Any thoughts on that?

    edit- Addendum - I stand corrected. I received the new user email notifications from these registrants, checked the site admin. These folkses are listed as users, and their blogs are listed as blogs under another name. I did not realize that there was a difference.

    Big hide face of embarrassed old fogey syndrome occurring here.

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