BlogsMu Theme - Create Group Redirect?

Under "theme options" and then "buddypress" there is an option at the very bottom to allow only admins and moderators to create groups. This is great if one desires to limit the chaos that may ensue by allowing all members to create groups without restriction for some communities.

However, when a standard registered user logs in and goes to the "groups" section from the nav menu at the top, there is still a button available that says "create group." When this button is clicked, the user is just redirected back to the home page without explanation as to why.

Richie, are you the BlogsMu theme master? Can we update the BlogsMu theme to allow for us to choose where this button will redirect the user if they are not an admin or moderator? This way we can create a separate page describing why the user does not have this functionality and how they can get this functionality if they so desire, as an example.