Blueprint setup in hosting (feature request)

Hi all,

Since we are in beta for the hosting solution, I’d like to put in a feature request. It would be very helpful to have a kind of ‘blueprint’ function when deploying a new server/setup. This could also be driven out of the HUB. Basically, once you have setup a server configuration with all ‘specific’ plugins (pagebuilders, etc) – you mark this as a ‘blueprint’ setup which a specific name (which could later be used as a name for a subscription level in wpmu setup). The next time you deploy a server, you can choose which ‘blueprint-setup’ to be used. Once selected, all get’s installed automatically. It would be a huge timesaver when deploying new setups for ‘clients’. And I do believe it would fit perfectly within WPMUDEV repository. If I could code, I’d do it myself … but I can’t so :slight_frown: