Booked appointments & break times show up at wrong times


Please visit the booking page at this address to see examples of the problem that booked appointments & break times are showing up at the wrong times on the appointment page:

If you check August 27, you will see the break times (set for 12-1pm daily) shows up as 11:15 - 12:30.

A Brazilian Wax appointment (75 minutes long) for 2pm shows up at 1:45 - 3pm.

I have appointments set for 15 minutes (minimum), no padding activated and "work over break times" disabled. Services offered range from 15 minutes to 75.

What should happen is the last 75 minute appointment allowed before the 12-1pm break time should be 10:45am so it doesn't go past the 12 noon start of break. Instead, appointments are being totally skewed.

Please advise what other settings I should be reviewing to solve this.


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