Booking an appointment on the front end, completing on the backend. Confirmation delay!

Some of our employees have been booking an appointment on the front end so they can see what all is available but rather than completing the transaction with paypal they only click the button then switch the appointment from pending to completed on the backend. Payment is then ran through our POS system rather than paypal.

What is happening is the email confirmations are getting more and more delayed. The last one they booked this way the confirmation took 2 days to come through where as a normal completed booking with paypal being used (no backend editing) come through almost immediately! I've contacted our email hosting company and there is nothing showing an outage or delay in our email system (as other emails are working fine).

Suzy B

  • Michael Bissett

    Hey Suzy, Michael here! :slight_smile:

    Before we go any further, I'm seeing that version 1.5.1 of Appointments+ is installed, I'd advise updating to version 1.7.2, as we've made quite a few changes (one of them being related to confirmation emails not being sent).

    Please note, that we did change how Google Calendar integrates with Appointments+ in version 1.7 (due to changes that Google made), so you'll want to do this when you're also able to set up any calendars integrated, in case you've got that integration set up in your installation.

    Kind Regards,

  • Suzy

    Hi Michael! Thanks for replying. We didn't have an active sub so we hadn't updated. I planned on updating once everyone had their changes ready and I implemented and updated all at once! I think we might move ahead and do the update now and worry about the changes later.

    With the Google changes, should I just redo the link between the app and calendar, basically start from scratch with it? It's a feature we heavily rely on for cross checking appointments.

    Thanks so much!

  • Suzy

    When updating from 1.5 to the current version, how likely are we to run into problems? Well other than the Google Calendar? We are hesitant to update right now on the off chance that it bugs out and we have to redo it. Not to mention we have quite a bit of custom code in our functions.

    This is our busy season so the Managers are not keen on the idea of us being offline for any length of time!

    Thanks so much!
    Suzy B

  • Jude

    Hey Suzy

    Hope you are keeping well !

    When updating from 1.5 to the current version, how likely are we to run into problems? Well other than the Google Calendar?

    We know the Google Calendar and DST has had a major upgrade so would be very cautious in that domain if you use it. Other that that the fixes are pretty minor and you should be able to migrate ahead pretty safely.

    Also as a precaution do take back ups of the site and the DB so you can easily revert back in case the unexpected happens, understand the busy season and how mgmt react to outages :smiley:


  • Suzy

    Jude, so happy to see you again! We do rely heavily on the calendar so management would still like to wait till July (yikes!) to do the update (our slow season). For now I've advised them that it's fixable but they will have to roll with it until then. Crossing my fingers that the calendar issues will be ironed out by then! We have unreliable email so it makes me nervous to not have that double check in place.

    Thank you for your help!

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