Bootstrap theme for Marketpress (a work in progress)

A few days ago I posted a tutorial on how I tried minimalizing my WorPress backend (/wp-admin) and the discussion led to a theme I’m building for MarketPress, based on Twitter’s Bootstrap ( ).

Since the discussion of minimalizing the backend is obviously irrelevant to the process of building a theme, I am creating this new issue.

The theme is far from complete. In fact it’s probably full of bugs and things that just don’t make any sense.

It is being built for one of my projects, so a lot of things are specific to my own use-case. However there are some interesting snippets in there so if you want to you can download it and play with it. Soon I will generalize it so that it can be used without so many options hard-coded (for example the top menu and links are hardcoded for my site.

The original discussion is here:

You can download the theme from github: