Bought Snapshot, Copied Sites, No Users Or Roles

Hi, I'm hoping someone can point me in the right direction... I moved 6 single wordpress installs into 1 multisite installation. I purchased Snapshot to do this, and it worked pretty well aside from the occasional failure and redeploy.

I was under the impression that the users would be copied from each site along with the rest of the content. This didn't happen for any of them, and now when I go to the network admin > add user, there is no dropdown menu to select a user role anymore. However, on the individual dashboards the user roles were copied correctly for each site, but not any users.

I'm thinking I missed something? Any ideas or another solution/plugin you guys have?

I purchased this after I couldn't get it to work with snapshot, but no go either. I'm thinking maybe the way snapshot imported the tables is syncing up? Not really sure.