BP: Add profile field data to members directory with links

Hey guys,

First off, great site! Glad to be a member!

Im looking for a way to include data from profile fields to each listing the the members directory. I have users selecting categories on sign up with a checkbox field. Id like to add those categories to the members director under the members name. I can output the catagories easily with the following php:

do_action( 'bp_directory_members_actions' );

What id like to do is have each category link to a member search of that word. In exactly the same way as it does by default on the profile pages. Iv tried a number of ways including explode and preg_split to output the data from the field into an array so i can use a foreach to put links around them, and tried using the existing xprofile_filter_link_profile_data filter but have had no luck. It could of course been my fault [im definitely not what youd call an experienced php programmer]. Im sure this is possible and is being done, im just missing something.

Take note im looking for a way to do this with checkbox fields not just a textbox [i can achieve this already], ie multiple pieces of data [although its stored as one string in the db].

Any help would be greatly appreciated.