BP Admin Bar

I am using the Studio theme on WP MU with BP. Also with BP Admin bar.

I also have YD Network Wide Options plugin running to help replicate option settings to all child blogs. Was able to replicate all setting except for those related to adding new menu items to the bar.

In the menu options they are called: BP-WP-Navbar Menu 1 and BP-WP-Navbar Menu 2. But cannot figure out how to replicate.

Can anyone help?

  • ryangambrill

    Hello David-

    You are correct, I was referencing the plugin called "BP - WP - Navbar". This plugin adds a floating navbar at the top of the screen. I have attached a screenshot of what it looks like on my site.

    Below shows the code from the "BP - WP - Adminbar". These are the names of the configurable options.

    /*-------------------------- USER CONFIG OPTIONS --------------------------*/

    // Configure wp_list_pages nav as horizontal(false) or vertical dropdown(true)
    $pageLinkDropdown = get_option(page_link_dropdown);

    // Configure top level Nav bar label (wp_list_pages as vertical dropdown)
    $wpListPagesLabel = get_option(list_pages_dropdown);

    // Configure label for 'Community' links default = 'Community'
    if (get_option(bp_community_links))
    $bpCommunityLinks = get_option(bp_community_links);
    $bpCommunityLinks = 'Community';

    $hideMainNav = get_option(hide_main_nav);
    $hideSiteName = get_option(hide_site_name);
    $hideLoginStuff = get_option(hide_login_signup);
    $hideRandomMenu = get_option(hide_visit_random);
    $scrollWithPages = get_option(scroll_with_pages);
    $addWpPages = get_option(add_wp_pages);
    $addBpComponents = get_option(add_bp_components);
    $mainBackgroundColor = get_option(main_background_color);
    $subBackgroundColor = get_option(sub_background_color);
    $subItemWidth = get_option(sub_item_width);
    $mainTextColor = get_option(main_text_color);
    $linkHoverColor = get_option(link_hover_color);
    $navBackColor = get_option(nav_back_color);
    $mainItemPadding = get_option(main_item_padding);
    $menuBorderColor = get_option(menu_border_color);
    $overallNavbarWidth = get_option(overall_navbar_width);
    $overallItemHeight = get_option(overall_item_height);
    $submenuTopMargin = get_option(submenu_top_margin);
    $itemFontFamily = get_option(item_font_family);
    $itemFontSize = get_option(item_font_size);
    $itemFontStyle = get_option(item_font_style);
    $itemFontWeight = get_option(item_font_weight);
    $navbarVertOffset = get_option(navbar_vertical_offset);
    $navbarHorizOffset = get_option(navbar_horizontal_offset);

    /*-------------------------- END USER CONFIG -----------------------------*/

    Each one of the options such as "add_bp_components" are found in the YD - Network Wide Options plugin settings. See Screenshot. When selecting the checkbox next to the option, that setting is then replicated across all child blogs. This has obvious benefits as now I can roll out settings to the 100's or thousands of child blogs without having to log into each one individually.

    There is a setting within the BP - WP - Navbar that allows you to create custom menu's within WP, and therefore add custom links to the navbar. See attachment.

    My problem is that I cannot find the optioin within the YD plugin to check off, so that my child blogs get the additional custom links just as they show up on the main blog section of the website.

    Please let me know if there are additional questions.

  • Timothy Bowers

    Can this plugin not be network activated? Then it should show up on them all.

    And although not a solution to the plugin you are using, have you tried WPMUDEV Plugin:


    It does a similar thing and so it might achieve what you are looking for?

    All you need to do is configure all elements how you would like to and then visit Site Admin > Blog template:

    Custom headers
    And more...
    After that, when you go to create a new blog via Site Admin > Blogs, you can choose that template from a drop-down and the plugin will copy over all of the settings, plugins, widgets and content you want to the new blog!

  • DavidM

    I actually couldn't find that particular navbar plugin in the repository or through Google so I couldn't test for the values you're trying to get. That aside, you might be able to find more helpful info either in the support forum for YD Network Wide Options or for that navbar.

    I'd also have to say, as Tim mentioned, the New Blog Template plugin achieves a very similar thing and provides for those added options in a way that's very easy to browse and work with. You might find it easier to use for your purpose.

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