avatar problem, community and default theme

I am having a member avatar problem.
On my main page http://www.handanddove.com You can see the recently active members avatars and when I am logged in my avatar shows next to my user name and log out.
On other sites only the system avatars show up in the active members box and neither next to user name (just a box).
This site uses the twentyten theme http://www.samplesite4.handanddove.com
This uses BP default http://www.samplesite5.handanddove.com

When I uploaded one of the 2 avatars I made it much smaller but it doesn't make a difference.

Any idea why they only work on the main site?

I've just realised that I should be using MU themes and not BP themes for the other sites but even with twentyten the avatars don't show up.