BP Blog-MU Theme option error

Good Evening,
I was editing the Blog-MU theme, trying to update the style for the need I have, and while doing that, for some reason, the all the paging options (Homepage, Services, Section, BuddyPress, Design) under Theme Options stopped working. I can no longer get past the Homepage functions, can not tab to anything else. I tried refreshing the system by changing the theme to the default BP theme, then back, but no results. I tried FTPing into the server, deleting the theme and child, downloading a fresh install from here, and uploading that, reverting to the original design, and no still no results.

I need help correcting this as soon as I can. This is completely halting all production.
Please feel free to contact me anytime.
Thank you,
Matt Curylo
Technology Chair, AIGA Connecticut

  • Mason


    Sorry for the trouble you've had. If you've completely uploaded new copies of the themes and are still having issues then I wonder if it isn't a local cache issue.

    all the paging options (Homepage, Services, Section, BuddyPress, Design) under Theme Options stopped working.

    Also, try disabling all plugins and seeing if you're able to get it working?

    To be clear, you can actually see the different tab options, but clicking on them does nothing? That's odd. Try using a different browser (to see if it's your local cache). You could also open up firebug and reload the page and see if any errors come up in the firebug console.

    Hope something here helps. If you can provide some more info, I think we can get it resolved.


  • aigaCT

    Thank you for your help so far! Sorry it has taken so lon to get back on this.
    I did immediately switch from IE to Chrome hoping it was one of those erratic IE issues, and hoped Chrome would help, but that didn't work. I also went through the CPanel on the VPS we are hosting on and there doesn't seem to be any cache flushing in there. I will open up Firebug and see if I can get any ideas. Is there anything particular I should look out for in Firebug.
    I'm hoping to not have to dump the database and start from scratch. That would be a last ditch if I had to. You can also email me directly if that would help: mcurylo@aigaconnecticut.org.


  • Mason


    Open up firebug and enable the "Console" tab. Then go to the theme options page (or refresh this page if you're already there). Firebug will stop anytime it sees an error and report it. If something isn't loading correctly on this page, firebug should point it out. If you can post the information you find here, we can help track down what it is. Thanks!

    Also, did you check your server's php error logs? This is always a good place to look.

    Finally, if you have any plugins enabled try turning them all off (even renaming your mu-plugins folder temporarily). This will help ensure that none of the plugins are interfering. If things start to work without all the plugins, turn them back on one at a time until you've found the one causing the trouble.


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