HELP: BP Community Theme - Upgraded and Now All Formatting Looks Messed Up

HI All,

Performed an update to BP Community from ver 1.2 to 1.3 and now it looks MUCH WORSE. Initially, I only updated the parent theme. Simply copied the new files up to the /themes/bp-community/ folder.....but, now my formatting site wide looks all messed up. Is there s simple step or file I missed?

On a test site - you can see how nice the layout of the home page, navigation is here using ver 1.2:

But when upgraded to ver 1.3 - it looks now like this:

On a test site - you can see how nice the layout of the home page, navigation is here using ver 1.2:

But when upgraded to ver 1.3 - it looks now like this:

I have a presentation to give on Monday.....any suggestions? I'm sure this is a simple css style mess up somewhere..

I still have version 1.2 if you think it makes sense to reinstall those files over the newer 1.3 (though I can only think that would cause more problems).

I'm hoping that the

  • Mason

    Hiya topracer,

    Sorry, can you provide more information about what you're seeing that's incorrect? Also, what browser are you seeing the issue?

    I'm noticing that the 'member' nav item appears to be missing on one of the installs, but not sure what else, specifically, you're noticing.

    Let us know. And if you've got a presentation on Monday the sage wisdom would be "if it ain't broke, don't fix it!" :smiley:

    Let us know!

  • topracer

    Thanks for review guys. Evidently, just before both of your posts - I took a few steps which is why you're not seeing the problems any on.

    OK, in my sorry state of frustration ... I took a few added steps to try and fix myself. Here's the full recap which I logged into my Evernotes file:

    I was using version 1.2 of BP Community theme from MPMUDEV. Looks overall pretty good, however, I had decided to update to version 1.3, mainly due to some layout issues I was having which Richie had mentioned had been fixed in ver 1.3. Upon FTP up of just the parent files for BP Community theme into the /wpcontent/themes folder, something wigged out the formatting of the site. Navigation links for pages, became like the links for the BP social component on main site home page ( Layouts were messed up on most of the main and subsite ares like Groups, Members, etc. I had performed the update initially on just the Parent site, but after that happened uploaded the Child version of 1.3 as well since I really didn't have any customization work performed on child theme. Still didin't fix the problem. Note that I did NOT update the 'call-signup.php' file or the 'footer.php' files in parent directory. These are about the only files modified on my end.

    Furthermore, note that I tried to deactivate all plugins (except BP itself), still looked the same, so reactivated them all. Was at this point totally frustrated and when I posted the initial post above.

    TO - FIX: Re-copied the version 1.2 files into the parent directory and it SEEMS to have fixed my problem; however, I haven't yet tested ALL aspects of main and subsites yet. I did NOT rollback the child theme files to 1.2. Still using 1.3 at this point. Will monitor for results.

    If you see a glaring problem ahead based on the steps I took, please advise. This is where I'm at as of right now. Thanks!

  • Richie_KS

    hi topracer
    i think the reason why the upgrade break cause in bp-community 1.3+ the template structure had changed...all additional template like call-signup.php, headline.php, main-column.php etc are now inside bp-community/lib/..

    we also revise the css structure for parent and child more member.css..replaced by bp-css.css and added default.css for default bp component css (lot of plugins depends on bp default css)

    so my suggestion would be backup and delete the old version both parent/child (1.2 below) and upload the new version which fix a lot of css plugin dependable issue....


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