bp-core-adminbar and Theme My Login plugin

We're using Theme My Login plugin with WPMU/Buddypress site (clickingonline.com).

We first edited the file ../plugins/buddypress/bp-core/bp-core-adminbar.php to change the label that loads in the admin bar to "Member Log In." We edited the function bp_adminbar_login_menu.

After installing the Theme My Login plugin that link would not display our custom theme for the login page being loaded by that function. Worse, after logging in as a basic user (Subscriber) the system would take the user back to the homepage.

I wanted the user taken to the BuddyPress Activity page. I tried many different configurations of the Theme My Login plugin to change where the user was being taken but nothing worked.

I then realized that the same function (bp_adminbar_login_menu) was creating this log in URL:

$bp->root_domain . '/wp-login.php?redirect_to=' . urlencode( $bp->root_domain )

That URL took users to the homepage after login and loaded the BuddyPress tools in the admin bar at the top of the screen.

I then changed the function so that users were taken to the /members page as follows:

$bp->root_domain . '/login?redirect_to=' . urlencode( $bp->root_domain ) . '/members">'

This now logs the users in and takes them to the /members page.


I want to be able to take users -- after log in -- to the ACTIVITY page. That URL is:


It has occurred to me that there is probably a variable for CURR-USER-NAME (as used in my example above) that I could put into the function bp_adminbar_login_menu. EXAMPLE:

$bp->root_domain . '/login?redirect_to=' . urlencode( $bp->root_domain ) . '/members/CURR-USER-NAME-VAR/activity">'

If my assumption is correct, can you tell me what the var is?