BP Daily guest display using Membership plugin

I logged out of my site to see what a guest would see. I used membership to limit their view to an about page and the featured category

But the home page is displaying oddly. I have taken screenies (scrolled out) to show how the page goes all over the place in IE8 and Google Chrome. It looks fine in Firefox.

Also the About page menu doesn’t show. If I click on another menu it suddenly shows up.

I haven’t done any custom images backgrounds or changed anything yet.

When I log in everything appears in the correct place.

  • AquaPebble
    • The Incredible Code Injector

    Sorry it isn’t displaying correctly in Firefox, never realised it still had me logged in. It looks the same as in Google Chrome.

    Update: If I disable Membership it displays correctly.

    Another thing: how would I hide the BP Nav bar from people not logged in?

  • Mason
    • DEV MAN’s Sidekick


    Barry is working on a final version of the membership plugin and I know he’s planning to address some issues with buddypress specifically. As to hiding the admin bar for logged out users, there’s a setting for exactly that in BuddyPress>General Settings: Hide admin bar for logged out users?

  • Tammie
    • WordPress Wizard

    @aquapebble: I assume it’s one of these things:

    1. A CSS class name is used in membership that you’re already using and therefore the width / settings are getting messed up

    2. There is an issue with a widget / something that appears and that’s setting the site off layout

    3. There was already an existing issue that is being made obvious by the plugin

    My suggestion would be to remove all plugins / widgets apart from membership then add just membership on – that will tell you if for certain it’s only membership.

  • AquaPebble
    • The Incredible Code Injector


    I disabled all plugins and just activated the membership plugin and the problem is still there. I also tried a preset style and the problem still occurs.

    No About page showing on the menu and the sign up box goes all the way to the bottom.

    I only have 2 rules set on guest level

    Access only to the about page and view of one category and stranger settings uses guest membership level.

    Also is there a way to hide the BP Nav bar from people not logged in.

  • AquaPebble
    • The Incredible Code Injector


    I have disabled all plugins again and only enabled membership. Have a look at http://ukmarketingnetwork.com.

    I have used both consoles on Google Chrome and Firefox Firebug and I don’t think I am getting any JS errors. In Firebug there are no red errors showing.

    On Google Chrome I get an unmatched ul tag and a number of warning which appear to to be a result of me not having set up my custom styling yet.

    However in Firebox one of the sidebar ads shows, which are not showing when logged out in chrome. There is a fatal error below the ad in Firefox:

    Fatal error: Call to undefined function bp_site_name() in /home/mysite/public_html/wp-content/themes/bp-daily/library/components/advert-sidebar.php on line 21

    Please have a look as I may be missing a JS error because of inexperience.

  • Tammie
    • WordPress Wizard

    @aquapebble: Are you on the latest version of Daily – if not please update. I did a mini test myself using just the daily theme (latest version) and no other plugins and can’t replicate so my thinking is that either there is something closing the main body container and / or it’s the different versions. If you can check with the latest version we can hopefully at least be on the same page.

  • Tammie
    • WordPress Wizard

    @aquapebble: What happens with the default BuddyPress theme – that will tell us if Daily or plugin rooted. Mind you may not fully but least we know we can look at Daily not specifically how it’s interacting with BuddyPress. If you can make sure that you have all theme options configured too – menus and everything just incase something is a miss. I want to be seeing like for like and perhaps I am not if you’ve not set menus or slideshows / tabs, rows up.

  • AquaPebble
    • The Incredible Code Injector


    I do have all the Theme options set (tabbed, rows (6), sign up feature=yes, category selected for spotlight size=medium, adverts linked to, custom large image=yes (linked to), custom logo=no), just not styling.

    I also have the custom menu set-up.

    I tested on Edublogs default as I have BuddyPress deactivated. The menu rule (sets which nav links on the custom menu are shown to a certain membership level) doesn’t work with this theme as it doesn’t support custom menus, so I changed the rule to restricting view to a single page (subscribe now). It worked fine and the page layout stayed in order.

    I then switched to BP daily (child) and the Page (which is on the custom menu) never showed on the custom menu bar and the sidebars were at the bottom again. I set the rule with just the menu rule with only that page viewable, then just the page rule with that page viewable and then both rules and it still does not appear on the menu bar.

    If you would like access I can send you information and you can play around.

  • AquaPebble
    • The Incredible Code Injector

    @tammie will try with one of your other themes with custom menus. The only edit is the one you gave me to remove those links and I have done that include category with category id’s. But without checking can’t remember if that was in the child or parent theme.

    Edit: Just checked and that was in the parent theme but would have been over written by the upgrade.

  • AquaPebble
    • The Incredible Code Injector

    @tammie. Tested Showcase, same result menu doesn’t show but layout fine.

    Now all this only happens only when I log out and come to the site as a visitor. If I am logged in everything is okay, but I have no restrictions on a logged in user at the moment. Will test with some restrictions there.

    These are my rules I have initially created for testing:

    Levels (2 Levels set both Active)

    1) Guest level has 2 rules in the positive box and none in negative:

    a) Category name ( 1 category ticked = featured)

    b) Pages ( 1 page ticked = subscribe now)

    Note: I have also tried this using Menu and just the Subscribe now ticked – same result.

    2) Member level has no rules applied

    Subscriptions (1 set) Active and Public

    1) Basic Membership

    only one level in it member


    period and price are left on defaults as it being free and indefinite.


    Stranger = Guest

    User Registration=basic membership

    Reg Page = subscribe now

    I have some short codes listed but none are in use and the defaults are yes visible.

  • AquaPebble
    • The Incredible Code Injector

    I put BP Daily theme back on.

    I created a 2 positive rules in my member level.

    Category and Menu

    I ticked 2 categories and all menus bar one.

    I put one of my test users on a basic membership and then logged in as that user. The menu disappears, but layout is fine.

    So the menu always disappears and the layout only goes weird for visitors or not logged in users.

  • Tammie
    • WordPress Wizard

    @aquapebble: I’ve asked Barry to take a look as I’m sure it’s rule orientated then if you see it with other themes not working correctly. Layout aside (I think that’s the way it’s erroring on the theme and we can deal at some point once work out what error is). We have to find out why the menu is disappearing first and I am not experienced with this plugin to advise sorry.

  • AquaPebble
    • The Incredible Code Injector

    @tammie thanks for the update.

    I am going to write something in the membership plugin section too. For me this is a biggie as I need to launch with the membership plugin and can’t because it messes up my menus. I have been waiting for a fix and started testing without it. But, really need to test with it.

  • AquaPebble
    • The Incredible Code Injector

    @ Tammie

    I did ask this in the membership plugin thread and had no answer, so thought maybe I should be asking you:

    Barry mentioned this:

    (note on some themes you will have to edit your theme header with our help function to hide non-accessible menu items – though the page itself will not display even if the menu item is visible).

    Now I don’t know if this is a standard help function that developers know what to do or if it is something that will be provided. Please could you help me with this. Thanks.

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