BP Daily: HTML and CSS not displayed in categories and search results


When viewing a category or search results, it seems all of the HTML and CSS coding is stripped out of the blog posts -- so, no links work, and no videos or images are displayed. If browsing by tag, however, then all of the HTML and CSS is displayed as expected. Is this normal behavior?

On our site, for example:
Tag: http://www.generation-europe.eu/summit2010/blog/tag/green/ where you can see the embedded video directly on that page without clicking to read the entire blog post.
Category: http://www.generation-europe.eu/summit2010/media/ where none of the HTML and CSS is displayed, and users have to click to read the entire blog post to see it.
Search: http://www.generation-europe.eu/summit2010/?s=revolutions, again no HTML and CSS is displayed.

Is it possible to change the behavior?