BP Daily: More Button and Membership

On the home page for BP Daily the "More" is a button, which I really like the look of over a more tag.

The issue is with membership plugin when one has restricted the more tag it is obviously not implemented as a user clicks a more button.

Is there anyway around this without removing the more button. Some way for this button to be recognised as a tag as well...or some other way?

  • AquaPebble


    In the membership plugin one can set a rule that either a membership level can (positive rule) or can not (negative rule) read content past the more tag.

    I have set the visitor (stranger) level that I have called guest to not be able to read past the more tag. However, when I log off and go to the home page I can click on the more button and I get the content past that button.

    The reason I believe is that the "more" button is just a button with a link to the rest of the page and therefore membership plugin does not pick it up as a more tag and doesn't stop guests seeing the full page.

    I hope I make sense :slight_smile:

  • Tammie

    @AquaPebble: What do you mean by more tag... can you provide an example in a theme please. I'm fairly sure you will have to apply your own style using the button styling - easy to do using firebug. Just grab the text and change to whatever this more tag is and you're set perhaps having to call that more tags class - don't know until you give an example. Perhaps you can try with a theme see if it works then show me it working or paste the code that works then we can analyse.

    Maybe this link will help but it's read more not more:


  • AquaPebble


    Yes the read more is the wording used by the more tag and can be changed to other wording. That post you linked to refers to the more tag.

    In a basic theme you would just add <!--more Your custom text --> to your post and on the front page only the content before that shows and it then links to the rest of the page in the same way your more button does.

    Now I am assuming that the membership plugin looks for that <!--more--> and prevents certain levels from being taken to the read more content when clicked.

    Now I don't want to do away with the more button and replace it with the read more (more tag) or other custom wording. But I would like to stop certain levels being able to read the full article when they click the more button. I was wondering if there was some way for that button to be recognised as <!--more-->. I don't want to do any styling to the more button.

    I feel like I am confusing you or maybe I am confused with the terminology.

  • Barry

    Hi @Aquapebble

    The "button", isn't technically a button, it's just a link with a specific bit of html in it.

    As an example, have a look at the three images below:
    This first one I assume is what you mean by a button:

    The second, is what I get if I set my more tag no access message as:
    <a href="http://dev.site/subscribe/" class="button">Subscribe to read this post</a>

    Now,If I remove the class bit, so it looks like:
    <a href="http://dev.site/subscribe/">Subscribe to read this post</a>

    Then I get the following:

  • AquaPebble


    I did originally look in firebug and saw it was a link with the class="button" hence why I called it a button and mentioned above that it linked to the full article.

    All I want is to restrict my guest level from clicking that "link" that looks like a button (on the home page) from going to read the full article.

    I used the more tag rule in membership and when I clicked it as a guest I still went through to the full article. I then realised that maybe that more was not a more tag.

    I wanted to know if there was a way around this.

    Or am I misunderstanding what the tag the membership plugin has a rule for?

  • Barry

    I think I know what you mean - it's because BP Daily displays excerpts in the content lists and not the full post - WP strips the more tag from excerpts and so the "more" link / button is put in by the theme to have something for them to link through to.

    If the more tag is protected and they click on the more link, they actually get what I put in the second image above - just the first bit of the content, and then a proper more tag - so they aren't actually getting the protected content, but it's just one extra click for them.

    You could change the theme (or implement the change in the child theme) by removing the "more" link from the theme and changing the calls to the_excerpt() to the_content()

  • AquaPebble


    Yes you are correct about what I am saying.

    Though I am not sure I am understanding your second paragraph. When I click the more link as a guest ( stranger level), where the more tag is protected for the guest level, currently I link through to the full article from the home page excerpt.

    What I was essentially asking was whether there was a way to do what you suggest - change the more link to a more tag but keeping the button look as I really like it. I still want it to show excerpts the way bp daily does. Essentially I don't want to change the look of the theme just want that more to be recognised as a more tag without changing the look- if that make sense.

    I am uncertain where in theme this needs to be done or how (or even if it can be done), hence the question.

  • Barry

    @Aquapebble - what text have you got in the more tag No Access message in the options page?
    If the more tag is protected (either by default in the options, or by a negative rule in a level) then that text / link / etc should be displayed on the full page. E.G.

    When I click the more link as a guest ( stranger level), where the more tag is protected for the guest level, currently I link through to the full article from the home page excerpt.

    You should link to the full article, but only see the content before the more tag.

    If you are strict with yourself and always have a bit of content, then a more tag - changing the theme to display the content rather than the excerpt shouldn't change the layout / look of the theme much.

    Alternatively, we could place an if statement around the themes current more link to attempt to get it to work in a similar manner to a standard More tag. e.g. if they are allowed to see the full content (members) then display More, if they aren't (strangers) display a link to sign up.

  • AquaPebble


    The more tag default is that content is visible and the message just states that their membership level does not meet requirements to view the content. I am still busy setting things up so this message will probably change. I have only restricted the more tag with a negative rule for guest level.

    The problem with setting the more tag manually is most the content on the main site will be fed in from blog sites using Autoblog.

    The statement around the more link sounds like a good option.

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