BP-Daily theme - controlling photo sizes in featured content and on "wall"

Hi there - quick question,
I'm having some inconsistencies with the photos when they appear on my front page.

1. Featured Content
I use the tabbed format, and sometimes the photo/image will fill the alotted space, but other times it shows up much smaller. (For example right now at http://gbiportal.net) I have tried adjusting the "display size of featured image" in the theme options, (it is currently set as large), but nothing changes when I switch from large to medium.

2. Wall
Is it possible to make adjustments on what portion of each photo is shown on the wall? Sometimes the zoom is off a bit. For some reason I can't attach a screen shot right now (the link doesn't open up), but you can see it on the home page (http://gbiportal.net/) under Agriculture and Economic Growth & Trade (both on the right hand side of the wall, first and second rows).

Thanks for your help!

  • Tammie

    I'm a little puzzled when you say 'zoom' as there isn't a zoom feature. Have you a plugin also installed?

    What happens with images in daily is 2 things:

    1. It uses featured images in some places
    2. It uses either thumbnail, medium or large as the background to a set size - this will get centering on sections.

    I think how it does them is leading to the confusion here not that they aren't working so want to be clear on same page.

    What you want to do is under settings set one of those 3 sizes mentioned (it uses the ones you set for your system for size) the puts on the background size. It's not meant to show all it's meant as a 'sneak view'.

    At some point we will go over this feature as it was developed prior to featured images so uses a different method that is not as exact or editable. However until then those are the restrictions.

  • IntegraLLC

    Thanks, for the quick reply, Tammie!

    I realized after I sent it, that "zoom" probably wasn't the right word. I suppose I meant to ask if there is a way to select which part of the photo/image gets displayed - and I think what you're saying is no, not right now.

    I may still be misunderstanding, but I just switched the wall image displays from large to thumbnail, but there is no difference, as far as I can see in the way the images appear. What should change?

    So that's for the wall, but on the featured content (tabs), is there something about an image file that would make it take up more of the physical space? For example, right now on the tab, you can see that the graphic is not taking up the entire space that it could.

    I was able to attach a screenshot this time-- so what I mean is, sometimes the graphic I use will fill up to the red box, other times (like now) it only goes to the green box. I haven't changed the setting display size. And the images are roughly the same size before uploading...

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