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Good Day....

I have installed BPDaily and I am having a couple of issues with the theme. Currently I am using the default version which I plan to customize if possible. Out of the box I like the theme - great job!

here are a few issues I am experiencing and some questions about customizing...

1. only logged in users can see images on "Wall" when home page is loaded. I would like the images to show to all visitors - not sure if that is a bug or a setting of some kind that I am missing.

2. The feature content Slideshow is great! - Is there a way to have a default image that appears for articles that do not have an image? ( a default image for wall articles would be useful as well )

3. regarding "Theme options" Home page content Settings... Is there a wall to be able to select a combination of 2 settings? for example 6 Wall Style articles along with 1 row or 2 columns along with 1 row?

Those are a few basic questions I have regarding the BPdaily (default) Theme - I have other questions but I will start there. question 1 is most important at the moment....

  • Tammie

    @kosmo_p: In response to your queries:

    1. That should not be the case please provide a link to see your site - assuming you've got images attached to your posts all users should be able to see the images - this is assuming you are calling the front page the wall and not the activity stream - if it's the activity stream or a plugin please confirm as that's buddypress not the theme.

    2. No multiple images is not possible with the code as is that would be a code modification and quite the modification too or at least a loop in php.

    3. No it's one or either of the settings unless you do some custom coding which you of course could calling in each section.

    Hope that helped.

  • kosmo_p

    In regards to #1. All is good now - maybe it was a local cached version or something ( I did install WPMU core like six times that day - lol)

    #2 - I guess I will need to look for some kind of "Auto insert image in post" plugin or something - any suggestions???

    #3 I have done some coding and have managed to get both "The Wall" and columns" up on the home page - still need to tweak the categories - but I have TABBED Feature content - then the Wall - then 3 columns ( Looks pretty good - SO FAR... ) I guess when you start with a good base things are easier...

    which leads me to my next BP Daily Theme Tweak...

    As I said, I am using "Tabbed" as my Home Page feature content - 3 tabs were not enough - I wanted to double it up to 6. I edited options-functions.php & featured-tabbed.php and managed to get six tabs - which are all now customizable via the "Theme Options" link.

    Now, My next set of questions is going to be in regards to "Widgitizing" and the order of things on the right column.

    1,2,3 DONE

    #4 I am using the post indexer plugin - I would like to insert the output either above the "Tabbed" Feature content or below the columns or between the Wall & Columns in the Home Page Content settings (ie: content-columns.php) . The right column is extremely long and being able to create a few more "Widgetized" locations in the layout would be great. Maybe even an additional LEFT COLUMN that can be filled via the Widgets section of the admin.

    Any pointers on where to start to accomplish #4

  • Tammie

    @kosmo_p: sorry I'm a little confused about what you are asking for with regards to number 4 - this would I think be down to formatting and editing of the home.php - you are wanting to add widget areas right? You can add any html in there that's up to you but sorry it's a little unclear what you want to be doing there - apologies about that.

    As for the auto insert images - haven't a clue about a plugin like that not even sure one exists but if there is a need there usually is a plugin / script for it in the wordpress world :slight_smile: Maybe start a new post in this forum asking specifically if anyone knows of one?

    Not sure if 3 was a question. Please confirm what you mean to ask on that one if there is something you are and sorry for not getting what you are asking there.

  • kosmo_p

    I think I am getting the hang of it ( I think - lol)

    Regarding #4... I basically wanted to add a few more widgets which I have figured out how to do... so I am on to the next thing.

    At this point I have a main site - now I want to prep a theme that looks similiar to the BP Daily ( but different ) that I can allow other blogs to use.

    Keeping in mind that I want to keep several elements constant across all blogs ( ie adverts and RSS feeds )

    I saw the BP Daily CHILD theme - installed it - made a new blog and assigned it - but I am not sure how the child theme concept works...

    24 hours later.... ( maybe 36 lol )

    I have attempted to adapt a few alternative themes - but they look completely different than the main sites theme ( something I dont like). Then I remembered "oh hey" what about child themes - they should fit the main theme better and allow for customization.

    After trying to grasp the concept of a child theme ( http://buddydress.com/2010/05/parent-and-child-themes-explored/ ) I was unsuccessful - I uploaded the specified files and removed a few comment tags in the child theme CSS and the child theme page looked terrible ( formating was not the same - all ran together basically in a vertical line down the page)

    Then I realized - HEY what about the BP daily styles???

    Those would allow for all the sub blogs to remain within the same design parameters but would also allow me to make each blog unique.

    At this point I am seriously confused as to the benefits of using
    A child theme VERSUS
    a Alternative Style sheet.

    If someone could clarify I would be greatfull.

    My Objective at this point is to have a consistent look and feel on the main site and sub blogs.

    1. I would also like to remove several elements available in the "Appearance/Themes" options for sub blogs only.

    2. I would also like to have widgets on the main theme that are editable and that APPEAR on the sub blogs but are not editable via the sub blogs "appearance/Widgets"

  • Tammie

    @kosmos_p: It's simple a child will not get overwritten your style sheets may in a theme update - when you update a theme you just only update the parent otherwise if you've also done changes to files in the parent you have to remember which. To be honest, not sure what your problems are exactly with child and parent as it could be me not understanding but I didn't read an exact problem as in x or y didn't work. I can only link to the article you've already read and the video for child and parent themes that explains them as best anything can.

    I would still say use child themes for what you want and doing it is your call but to strip out things like appearance > theme options is no small task so unless you know a bit of php I would say proceed with caution on that front. As for 2... you are not even talking any type of theme here I don't think fairly sure you are in the realm of custom work maybe here not even sure how you would do that - if you do not have the skills you may want to post a job request in our job board about this.

    I will note I think we've gone beyond the tweak phase here :slight_smile: I'm happy to advise on things as we always are but these things you wish to do particularly 2 is far bigger maybe than you think if I have understood what you want to do exactly. However, I suggest you post in the forum NOT theme related about that as someone may have a clever answer for you / come across / even done it - you never know there are some amazing people in this forum.

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