Bp Gallery won't display correctly

Hello I would love to use your BuddyPress Social Them in one of my sites. I have recently found a really good photo gallery plug in (Bp Gallery http://buddydev.com/buddypress/bp-gallery-beta-available-now-download-test-and-enjoy/ ) but it will not display the pictures currently in the buddypress theme however it displays correctly on other themes, like for example, your Corporate theme. Is there anyway that this plug in could be made to work correctly with he Social theme? Would that be on the side of the plug in?

This is the site Im testing on


the galleries are on the "admin" profile

Thanks for your attention

  • Tammie

    @juankclaveria: unfortunately unless it's one of the WPMU DEV plugins it is hard to support every plugin that is out there. My initial thoughts would be that there is possibly a style that gallery uses that could have the same name or be clashing with one in the Social theme. You would need to contact the theme developer and/or use something like firebug to see what classes it uses and diagnose that though.