BP Group Calendar – comments, notifications, editor, widget.


I have a few issues/suggestions/questions regarding the otherwise (would be) nice BuddyPress Group Calendar plugin:

1. I am missing a simple possibility for group members to be able to respond to an event. WordPress has a nice commenting feature integrated. Could you enable comments on each event?

2. The plugin is sending e-mail notifications to all group members on new event creation. Is it possible to deactivate these emails?

3. In the initial view of the Calendar tab there is already visual editor open for creating new event. Would it be possible to display just a button, e.g. <Create Event> in the initial view, which would open the editor only after clicking on it?

4. The “User’s Group Events” widget does not work, and seems not well designed, anyway. In some other thread I have read that it should display upcoming group events for all logged in user’s groups but only those which are public. On my testsite it shows nothing, for no groups, no matter if public or private (granted access for you).

But anyway, why does it work only for public group? Please, make it working for both private and public groups.

I hope at you can solve at least items 1-3 easily.