BP Groupblog Plugin Users Not Being Added to Group Blog

Have posted this one the wordpress site & buddypress site with no luck, can someone here help me? According to bp-groupblog changelog this issue was supposed to have been fixed in plugin version 1.4.6, but for me is still broken. New group members aren't being added to the group's blog.

wp3.0.1 – bp – groupblog 1.4.9 (All other plugins off including mu-plugins, sites are in subfolders not subdomains)

Originally was using wp2.9.2 – bp – gb1.4.4, when we noticed users not being added to the group’s blog
Upgraded to wp3.0.1 & gb1.4.9, (kept bp same) still not being added
Upgraded bp to still not being added

I’ve tried everything and have tested creating a new blog after all the upgrades, still not adding users to blog. Is there something simple about my configuration to check, or is anyone else still not having luck??? Or is there something special I need to do to cleanup the db after having used gb1.4.4 for a month?

Thanks in advance for any help.

  • Mason

    Hiya Annie,

    First up, welcome to WPMU DEV! :smiley:

    I've read through your post and looked around on the forums (here and at wordpress.org) quickly. I see that it's kinda hit or miss with this plugin and that you've followed all the steps as far as disabling plugins and having a setup the plugin author says will work.

    I haven't tried it myself so I can't provide additional input as to what's causing the trouble for you. Have you checked your server's error logs? This is the best place to begin troubleshooting once you've ruled out a plugin conflict (which you've done).

    Take a look and let us know.

    Anyone else have experience with this plugin?


  • anniefrancis

    In troubleshooting I installed a fresh out of the box wp3.0.1, bp and gb1.4.9 and it works as it's supposed to, users are added to groupblog. I put my theme in there and it still works as it should. Somewhere in the upgrade process is a hitch. I'm not a php guru so not sure what to try other than all variations of upgrades possible from where I started, have seen a couple of posts about xml-rpc problems, have also heard of some problems going straight from wpmu to wp3.0.1, any input or suggestions?

  • Mason

    Yeah, this gets a bit tricky then.

    Two further thoughts:
    Check any entries in your database that this plugin creates and compare db from 2.9.2 with 3.0.1
    Short of that, depending on how big the site is you could create your new install, add plugins, etc, get it up and running. Then transfer individual sites/users database info to the new install one bit at a time until you've got it all information on your new install.

    It's still tricky either way, and I haven't had experience with this particular plugin to offer a better solution.

    Anyone else?

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