BP lost a developer – can WPMU DEV help?

Modemlooper, a developer who wrote some very nice plugins for buddypress called it quits last week and declared that he isn’t going to be writing anything for BP anymore (it appears that there was some sort of personal dispute…:wink:

Anyhow, while I fully realize that this can happen and relying on a single developer to stay motivated is a dangerous thing to do in our world. The impact here is that a couple, well-used and (somewhat important) buddypress plugins are now going unsupported.

Would I be out of place to ask that WPMU DEV, with all its development resources, step in to fork his plugins and keep them alive.

For myself, I’ve deployed BuddyPress Share It and BP Verified User on my site. While I shudder to thing how a BP install can exist without Share it (my partner is annoyed about that one), but the Verified User plugin is already broken and no longer seems to work with WP update 3.3 – this is one that has disappointed several of my users, which surprised me. It seems that they really enjoyed having that little, nice touch of recognition.

Anyhow, would WPMU DEV consider taking over these and making some of modemloopers plugins part of their portfolio? Could be an opportunity to offer up some more free plugins back into the community and pick up where someone else left off.