BP Magazine Images and excerpt length


1) Is there an ideal size for the top scroller image? Is there an ideal width. See screen shot
2) All thumbnail images: do they have to be featured images as some of my images are not hosted locally?
3) The excerpt length seems to be an issue.

  • Mason
    • DEV MAN’s Sidekick

    Hiya Johan,

    I believe the theme will do it's best to automatically scale the image and will actually use either a feature image or the first image in your post. If you're using the first image in your post, then it will also scale according to the size image you use - in other words, if you use a smaller size image for your post, that's the one it's going to pull and rather than scale it up to the appropriate size for the front, it simply pulls it "as is". Hope I'm explaining that well.

    As to the excerpts, that is odd as in my tests I simply type the post and don't worry about excerpt lengths and the theme limits the number of characters accordingly. Are you using the more tag or putting something in "the excerpt" area of a post edit that would cause this to happen?

    Just trying to get a handle on how you have things set up.

    Thanks! :smiley:

  • raymondmannion
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    Can you please provide some clues as to how to work with these images? I've searched, but everything simply says "it does it automatically" and that it's based off of the sort sequence of the images in the media tab.

    My photos consistently have people's heads chopped off, I save changes and it doesn't seem to matter. I see the post has custom fields image_tag and image_url.

    I'm using multisite so it is using files like ../files/2011/02/... which are really aliases....

    Is there an image cache I should try to clear out? Please provide some suggestions here because I am wasting a lot of time guessing.

    It would seem there would be a preferred image size/ratio that makes sense. Looks like the slide show images are 600x220. The regular post thumbnails have a height of 110.

    The site is http://tkdunion.org Thanks for any suggestions I can try.

  • Mason
    • DEV MAN’s Sidekick


    I see what you're referring to now. I'd recommend actually using two separate images for instances like this one:

    Obviously, the nice 'portfolio' or vertical image looks good on the post - but the front page requires the landscape/horizontal image.

    Try inserting the main image in your post. Then you can upload a new image through the Media Library and crop it so that it matches the dimensions you need (600 x 220) then use that image as your 'featured image'.

    Let us know how that works for ya.


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