BP Magazine Theme: Unable to view posts when Theme Options is saved


Love the theme, so thanks. Unfortunately I'm having a peculiar error that I originally thought was down to file permissions.

I have default settings on all the theme options, and on the front end all posts are visible etc in the main content area (post-list), however the titles etc within the Theme Options site options, such as "Enter a title for your magazine" are missing...

Now, if I save the Theme Options, I gain the titles etc but lose all of the visible posts?!

Can anyone help?

  • Tammie

    @gameserfs: Can you try assigning an actual category for the front posts as by default it will before you save anything show from any category then when you save it could be that because you aren't selecting a category for the posts (it's designed to using the drop downs have a category assigned) this is potentially where your problem arises. By saving you are setting a value which unless you actually pick a category will cause no posts to show. Hope this helps.

  • gameserfs


    Effectively this is what is happening. We applied the theme as a vanilla install and it works AOK - we don't change any settings via Theme Options. We can add posts and they all go in and look cool.on the home Buddypress page.

    The problem arised when we change the Theme Options such as adding a welcome message and title/strapline and apply. The site front page updates but loses all of the posts display when you update. The blog area still has the posts on display etc.

    if you want, we can take it offline / IM / Skype and we can show you what we mean in action

    Posts have been categorised both before and after changing theme options.

    I am not sure what happens when you click update theme options (file/config) what file it changes but it seems if we reset it the theme options it then shows our test posts again but revers back to the welcome messages which are default out of the box (usually blank).

    Any ideas? a file permission? a bad config?, a bad install?

    Suggestions/fixed most welcome!


  • Tammie

    @gameserfs: Hmm the way it should work is:

    1. Select category for latest posts
    2. Select number
    3. Set any other theme options
    4. Save
    5. It all shows up on the front

    Can you try that process making sure you are selecting a category - it's not designed to pull through all unless you set no settings the idea is that you mark one category to pull the latest posts through from along with the number.

    It's not using a file it's setting a value to a variable so say you have a category called 'One' it would mark that as the category to pull the posts through when it shows them on the front and it would take the number you'd also set.

    As for a bad install, well it's just a theme so shouldn't be the problem there. Are you using the child / parent mechanism for it at all and have you downloaded the latest version of the theme (there are no specific bugs relating to this however having the latest wouldn't hurt)?

    I can't replicate the issue you are having though which is a bit puzzling. If you could just provide a link that would be great so I can see and if my steps don't help could you try disabling and enabling the theme again then following them. If that all fails please email using this site's contact button in the navigation and marking it for my attention, your back end BuddyPress admin login and link to site so I can see the problem in action.

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