BP + Multi-Database + Multisite?

Hi Everybody

I am in a position where I need to have a series of WPMU installations that will be assigned to a person to promote and generate revenue from and invite people to blog. Now, the idea is to have each of those installations using Buddypress. In fact it is a requirement.

I was planning on using the multisite plugin to emulate multiple MU installations with their own appearance and all, and at the same time having them communicate using Buddypress. And if the site grows too big, start using multi-database plugin to manage that growth.

By reading the forums now i am concern and will really appreciate your input in the following:
1. Can I have buddypress to work with the Multi-site plugin. since they are all in a single database it could be nice and dandy to have them all be friends and so on.

2. are these two plugins the same? WMPUTutorials and Multi-Site Manager

3. Can a buddypress installation work with multidatabase?