BP Product Theme Slides Problem

Hi Tammie, Hope you are well!

Just starting work on a new project and I'm having an issue with the Product theme. I love it by the way but I just have an issue with the slides in Safari and Chrome (Firefox seems okay).

When you hit the homepage when not originally on the site the first slide doesn't display properly.

If you follow this link http://www.actonthis.co you will see what I mean.

I'm just playing about so the site has some very haphazard dummy text and things but you'll see how the first slide actually slides upwards and covers the content. If you then hit the home button the page reloads and plays fine.

Doesn't happen in firefox but Chrome and Safari seem affected (not tried others).

One last thing as well is when not using the default preset style the tabs for the slides don't highlight when cycling through them like they do in the default preset. I use the blue preset and the tabs for the slide are all one dark blue, rather than showing a highlight for the tab you are displaying.
Not sure if it's intended behaviour or not but I love the way the highlight cycles through the tabs on the default preset.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated!
Cheers Tammie,
Ross :0