BP Registration with Edu-clean gives me a 404


I've installed the Edu-clean theme and most of it seems to be working. However, the registration link throws up a 404. The /registration/register.php files are there, so it's not that, but I don't know what it is.

Help please!


  • drmike
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    Welcome to wpmudev. :slight_smile:

    Like most support forums, including a link so folks can see what's occurring as well as a check of your webserver's error logs helps us help you and should be included in your first post when asking for help.

    I have a feeling though that's just an example link for a Page on their install and you can edit the theme for whatever links you want in there.

  • DynamicArray
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    Sorry, I meant to include a link (though the 404 is not very exciting to see!).

    However, I have now fixed the problem. I read on another thread about making sure registration was activated and - doh! - I hadn't done that. That was 90 minutes going round in circles for now reason!


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