BP Scholar Child Theme: Adding bulleted lists to style.css


My site is: http://www.hoopinstructors.com
I am trying to figure out how to add CSS for bulleted lists in BP Scholar. Specifically:

I'm using BP Scholar Child theme - I should only add this the code to the Child theme style.css sheet, right?

What exactly do I need to do to add a style to the Child Theme - I'm not clear on whether I should be taking away the comment (just erase it, right?) and put the bulleted list code after @import url( _inc/css/child.css );, or...

/* Uncomment the following line and add your custom child styles to '_inc/css/child.css' */<br />
@import url( _inc/css/child.css );<br />

And, because I am not familiar with doing this, if you can actually paste in the code I should use, that would be a big help. I already have 2 images on the server, here:

But I don't understand how to create a rule that will work in the theme.

Thanks for your help.