BP Scholar Theme Cosmetic Issues


Current Installation:
Wordpress MU 2.9.2
BP Scholar 2.1.2

I am having a few cosmetic issues and would love some direction on where best to look for or vorrect these minor issues.

1.) On the Home page the tab displays a "| Food Blog Forum" verses the about page displays "About | Food Blog Forum". It seems it's missing the word "Home".

2.) On a group home page with moderators, The layout of admins and mods seems to be off. Here is an example.

3.) On that same page you will notice that the "Reply" and "Favorite" buttons are on top of the first line of text somtimes thus covering up the View and Delete links.

4.) On the Community -> Groups page the group description is sometimes under the "Type of Group" / "Number of Members" on the right side.

Any suggestions where I might want to look to change these would be great.

Thank you.