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I have installed the latest BP-Social theme but cannot understand how the homepage ‘article’ images are controlled.

I’ve found gallery.php doesn’t contain the image resize. I get the original image I upload for the post 2000×3000 resized by ‘something’ to 340px.

My question is: How can I change the size of image called (I’d rather call the medium size image) and how are these images being resized on the home page.


  • Richie_KS
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    the featured images are controlled by custom-field. in this case the default custom field value are ‘thumbs’ but you can change it theme option. somewhere in featured settings.

    when writing post, you have to add custom field key ‘thumb’ or your own choice based on your theme option setting. and add value.

    the value are full img url (no html) like http:///sitename.com/images/someimg.png.

    the images should be auto fetch in featured images. also you need to set the post-ID of which

    article you want to add to featured gallery in homepage.


  • CAA
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    Richie, thanks for the prompt reply.

    I did kinda guess that, I don’t think I explained myself properly, sorry.

    Whilst I like the function, I want to edit it, edit the theme.

    I just can’t see how these images are generated. If I upload an image to a post, embed that into the post, that image is not the image used for the ‘Article’ image. Neither is the thumbnail using the WordPress media thumbnail. What it’s doing is getting the original 3000×2000 image and dragging that in somehow and resizing it to 340 width. I also note that it is using a default image if the custom field isn’t used or an image associated to the post.

    My point is how or where in the Social theme do I edit these properties, what file do I edit to change what image is drawn in. I don’t want a 3000x2000px original being dragged in and resized, I want the medium size WordPress generated image from the media library to be used. I will then change my media setting to generate that size at medium setting. Much neaterand less bandwidth.

    Which file do I edit?

    Thanks again!


  • Richie_KS
    • HummingBird

    when writing post, after upload the image to attachment, just choose the medium size image and insert into post..(it should showed the medium-size img in post)…after that copy paste the medium-size img url to the custom-field and delete the insert image in post..that should do it:slight_smile:

    the featured image should be using the wp-auto crop medium size image in gallery img now.

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