Bp Social + bp groupblog

I installed the bp groupblog plugin and tested the post. I have a recent post widget in the front page. When I click the link to the post from the homepage, the post loads in a different page with a unique subdomain. I suppose when you create a group and a groupblog, it automatically creates a subdomain for the blog.

However, when I click the link from the group page, the msg: URL doesn’t exist. It took me a while to realize that its because I set the home option of the blog to the URL of the main page. When I changed it back to its subdomain, the link of the group post from the group page worked ok. Here’s the thing, there’s nothing on the home page of subdomain and it’s accessible to the users. Besides, I just want one main page, many groups each having a groupblog.

Anyone knows a work around?

NB. In the example shown for the plugin, the groupblog loads in the group page. They’re using the default theme for buddypress. Am using bp-social. The groupblog loads entirely in a new page needing a separate set of widgets which I don’t want users to be the one to set. Only can’t imagine having to set the sidebar for each groupblog cum subdomain, everytime a group is created.