BP Social child theme for blogs

Hi, I know that support for running BP Social on a blog is in the works at wpmudev, but in the meantime I thought I might share my own efforts on this. Attached (I hope) is a .tar.gz file with a child theme for blogs. This is a "bravehearts only" file, but perhaps if you were interested in a BP Social theme to run on individual blogs then this might be of interest.

One key thing that I addressed was the ability to set featured articles without having to go into the Theme Options page (*). So, if a post is made sticky, then it is treated as a feature article. Also, the image used for that post can be set with the "Set Featured Image" link in the WP image upload / gallery screen.

The theme has only two sidebars, as I felt that the rest were not needed for a blog theme. There are a number of other things that can be turned on/off with flags in functions.php if they aren't suitable for you.

I'd be happy to provide a live demo link, but not for a few days as there are a few infrastructure things I need to get in before broadcasting a link to the site. In the meantime please let me know here if you do try it. I'd also appreciate any comments on the code etc as I'm still wrestling with about a million new APIs. Thanks :wink:

(*) I've only just now discovered that Theme Options is only accessible to the global site adminstrator, and not to individual site admins. I will have to look into that tomorrow.