BP Social Child Update 1.2.7 - Used automatic update for main theme

I have a question, which shows some of lack of complete understanding around the whole parent and child theme. I am using social, and I recently updated everything, plugins and all, to BuddyPress 1.5. This was surprisingly smooth, but I have the luxury of it being on a new site that isn't live and hasn't had a lot of customization yet.

My question is probably easy, but for me not clear. I updated the Social Theme to 1.2.9, but I still see the child them as 1.2.7. Do I now have to go download that Social theme, take out the child theme and upload it? Or is there a way to automatically do it? Or did the automatic updates take care of everything that needed to be?

Thanks, David

  • DavidM
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    Hiya David,

    The recent changes to BuddyPress (version 1.5) were substantial enough to warrant revamping the themes here and I believe that may affect the child themes in some cases.

    If your existing child theme is working for you then I wouldn't imagine there would be any problem with keeping it at that version.

    If you don't have any customizations at all to that child theme though, it would be worth updating it just to have the very latest version reflect there.


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