BP-Social Drop-downs not working!

Hey! The dropdowns are working in FireFox and everything else, just not IE. One thing that I did change from the default theme settings is that I chose a main menu from the menu options within the WP Dashboard. I feel like it is something with z-index but can't seem to figure it out. When I go over Community for example, it should drop-down Members and Groups. I can see that it DOES drop down, but it hiding behind the div container. I tried setting a z-index of 999999 on the nav, and a z-index of 1 on the container but it didn't work. I see that it DOES work in the demo, but even with a fresh install of the theme on my end, it does not work. Is the demo up-to-date? Our site is http://www.friendesha.com if you want to take a look. I went back to the default menu and that also was screwed up. So it has nothing to do with using a custom menu. I also tried disabling a handful of plugins that wouldnt cause issues at the moment, but none of them returned any results. I noticed a couple other people having this issue, I just cant tell if mine is any different. I know that the menu is dropping down, if I extend it over to the left or right, the dropdown works, as long as the container is there right below it for it to hide behind. Make sense?