BP Social - Links To Blog Sites Not Working Properly

I installed BP Social and at first everything seems to be normal but when I create a blog and click on it it's not working properly.

So here's what I need help fixing:

- If you go my site here http://spiritualityunites.com/blogs/ the first link is the actual main site, which I'm assuming if you click on the link if SHOULD take you the test blog post I created, but it doesn't (really not sure what's going on there). It takes you to the home page and I have no idea why.

- If you click on the second site (A Course In Miracles), a test blog site I create, I get an error message. I'm wondering if it's because I didn't upload or install a separate child theme folder to my directory as the theme instructions tell you to do so but I did not see that in the theme folder I downloaded.

Hope this makes sense! Hard to explain these issues sometimes!

Thanks so much for your help and...

Happy Holidays!