bp-social - page title hacked or where is this option?

Is there something in the theme options of bp-social where I can change the page title for the home page of my web site?
Right now for some reason, on one site's home page, the page Title (in the html code / head section) - is:
"coach totes bags"

that is not the saved "tag line for the site" in admin / settings general - and I am not sure where bp-social is pulling the page title from exactly?

Well oops- looks like someone got in and changed the settings on the all-in-one seo plugin somehow, and that was causing the issue, not the theme.
Not to figure out how someone got in and changed those settings - weird, Changing admin password now. Wish the was a way to search my users to see if any one has given a user super admin ability or something. I can't see going through 400 pages of users just looking for it. hmm..