BP Social: Right Column on Home Page (= Activity) displays below left column by accident...


I have a little problem here with my (customized) Social Theme site:

I just upgraded my PRODUCTION SITE (http://thejazzhang.com) - and..., it all of a sudden strangely shows the right column of the home page only (which is the ACTIVITY page) MISPLACED at the bottom by accident.

Weirdly, this did NOT happen when I upgraded things on the TEST SITE, http://jazzheavenproducts.com

Very strange, since both sites were supposed to be 100% identical (and I didn't change anything).
That was the whole idea: the test site is an exact, 100% CLONE of the production site.
But, apparently, that's not completely the case.

Any idea where to look/do what to move those "group widgets" from the bottom of the home page of http://thejazzhang.com to the right column, where they belong?