BP-Social theme and Avatar not cropping issue

I love the theme! and I dont wish to change over to any other theme.
Ok, getting that out of the way and right off the bat. The issue iam having is when I go to upload a pic for my buddypress avatar.
It upload just fine, but when it comes to cropping there is nothing to be found when it comes to cropping tools.
All there is....is two images side by side and when you hit crop it it places a small cropped image in the top rightside of the avatar.

My question/s is when you guys designed bp-social did you not have this issue?
I have the latest WP and BP so iam not sure what is going on?

I have deactivated all my plugin minus buddypress
I have switched themes and even used the bp default theme

All this and to no avail,I still cant fix the issue.

I am reading here and there about jquery being called twice being a cause behind this.
With some people having success in fixing it.
It seems its more of a buddypress issue that has been around since at least 09 and I have even seen the issue brought up in WPMU support forum.

My coding skill are like superman's ability to report the news.... they are very mild manner, so any direction you can provide would be greatly appreciated!

Feel free to sign in and take a look at it for yourself if you like.
my website is under construction, iam always about function first and make it snazzy later.

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