IIS vs Apache for BuddyPress


BP system and server requirements specify "Apache Module mod_rewrite enabled for “pretty permalinks”"


Most Windows servers offer IIS instead of Apache.

How would this affect BP ?

I actually installed BP on a WP multisite using a shared windows plan (with a very snappy host) :slight_smile:
Eventually it worked but not without getting myself into more than just a monkey pants, but rather a whole monkey suit. All sorts of errors with FTP and installing plugins, cloud flare etc.

cpanel and Linux just seems to work flawlessly for all aspects of WP.

I have a situation where I may require the free "SmarterTools" bundle that only comes with their Windows dedicated. But that same dedicated uses IIS.

As much information on various server types specifically for WP multisite and BP would be greatly appreciated.

Kind regards,


  • Jack Kitterhing

    Hi there @Randall,

    Hope you're well today, your main configurations would be.

    Linux + Apache

    Linux + Nginx


    Linux and apache is the easiest to setup with any flavor of linux you want such as Ubuntu 12.0.4, it works out the box with no hassle and supports mod_rewrite and pretty permalinks.

    Nginx is a lot quicker than apache and is also relatively straight forward to get setup and working.

    IIS is something I'd never recommend if you are creating a WordPress based site, while it does work, some plugins do have issues with that setup with permalinks, uploads etc. :slight_smile:


    Kind Regards

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