BP Username set by user

By default it seems that Ultimate Facebook plugin sets the username of a new BP user with the name_surname format.

I really don't like this for my community as the username and mentions are really important.

There's a way to ask the users to input the username they want to use? Just that.


  • Timothy Bowers
    • Chief Pigeon

    Hey there.

    WordPress and BuddyPress gives them an option to change their display name.

    You can also decide what to map to the display name from the Ultimate Facebook Settings.

    I'll move this over to our feature request area and see if it's something our developer can take on board to allow customised usernames in FB signup.


  • antonio_moro
    • New Recruit

    Yup, saw that, but you dont mention (@) display names on BP, you mention usernames and in our community mentions are super used... :slight_smile:

    Consider to just insert a second step after the facebook login/registration when you ask the user for a favorite username and ask for other things (privacy checkbox, etc...)

    That would be super great.


  • Vladislav
    • Dead Eye Dev


    At the moment, the FB registration process is not a two-step process. There is, however, a filter that's run each time a username is created via Ultimate Facebook registration, named "wdfb-registration-username". Whatever you return from this filter will be used as WordPress username for your new users. Perhaps that's something that can be useful to you right now?

  • daniel_kusper
    • New Recruit


    I would too like to see the ability for users to choose their name during registration. This could really help with the @ reference inconsistency, would be nice to be able to use the registered named as the username. Rather than @firstname_lastname with an username changed to WPMUDEV. This could also help protect peoples identity for those who do not want their name blasted all over the internet.

    You guys are great with all the support and quick responses. This is more of I "second" this feature to be added to Ultimate Facebook than re-explaining what is already out there!

    Appreciate all the help guys!

    - Dan

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