WP multisite with buddypress activated global and set via config to run on each blog. No avatar plug in.

Creating a child template. Would like to display the blog avatar in one of my templates. I looked at the file blogs-loop.php and found:


The function does not work in my child theme,nor do the other BP functions found in blogs-loop.php. Not sure what I am doing wrong. I am not throwing an error, so I know it is finding the function just fine.

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    Have no theme to cite. Am building it. In the left sidebar is a statement.

    echo bp_get_blog_avatar($args);

    It works only when some features of buddypress are being called. Obviously, something is being activated when those features are called. My problem is figuring out how to call those features.


    You will note their is an avatar in the left sidebar.


    No avatar in the left sidebar.

    I would be happy with anyway to call a blog avatar.

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    Been there, done that, have the T-shirt. I have changed the sidebar back to say:

    echo bp_blog_avatar('type=thumb');

    Please follow the strangeness. If you look at the output of the blog-loop and scroll down to the site test2.findpassion.com you will see that bp_blog_avatar('type=thumb') puts out the Jolly Rogers for that site.

    However, the left sidebar which contains "echo bp_blog_avatar('type=thumb');" is not displaying the avatar. Nor does it for most of the pages. Ah but wait, we get even stranger.

    Now we look at the members page for member 'admin'. Now the same function (bp_blog_avatar) that spit out he Jolly Rogers in the blog-loop (as it should), the same function which spits out nothing in the side bar, now spits out the avatar of the profile that we are viewing instead of the blog avatar.

    My guess is that before using bp_blog_avatar, something in a global that the function draws on must be set up.

    The whole of the left sidebar code is:

    <div id="leftSidebar">

    echo bp_blog_avatar('type=thumb');

    <?php dynamic_sidebar( 'left sidebar' ) ?>

    </div><!-- #sidebar -->

    With respect: Help me Obeonekanobe, you are my only hope.

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