BPMU customization

Issue #1: I'd like to make it so that the section header images link to other pages. When adding the following text to the box the image doesn't appear:

<img alt="" height="164" src="http://www.mysite.com/demos/sitedemo/wp-content/uploads/image/img.png" width="300" />
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If I add just the URL to the image then it appears.

Work Around:
a. Disable section header images.
b. Add extra service images.

So I check to disable the Header Section and open the services-mode.php file and copy three instances of the following text to the end of it:

<div class="sbox">
<div class="simg">
<div class="img-services">
<?php if(file_exists($upload_path . 'blogsmu4_thumb.jpg')) { ?>
"><img src="<?php echo "$ttpl_path/blogsmu4_thumb.jpg"; ?>" alt="<?php echo stripslashes($tn_blogsmu_headline4); ?>" />
<?php } else { ?>
<img src="<?php bloginfo('template_directory'); ?>/_inc/images/default.jpg" alt="img" />
<?php } ?>
<h3><?php echo stripslashes($tn_blogsmu_headline4); ?></h3>
<?php if($tn_blogsmu_text4 == ""){ ?>
<?php _e('You can replace this area with a new text in your theme options and upload and crop new images to replace the image you can see here already.', TEMPLATE_DOMAIN); ?>
<?php } else { ?>
$com_short = $tn_blogsmu_text4;
$chars = 200;
$com_short = $com_short . " ";
$com_short = substr($com_short,0,$chars);
$com_short = substr($com_short,0,strrpos($com_short,' '));
$com_short = $com_short . "...";
<?php echo stripslashes($com_short); ?>
<?php } ?>
<span class="learn-more">"><?php _e("Find out more", TEMPLATE_DOMAIN); ?></span>

This adds the images to the front page but I can't figure out how to get the options to appear on the backend. I don't want to use Post-mode so I'm wondering if it's as simple as copying additional lines of code. The "services-function.php" file looks interesting but I'm not 100% sure so I figure I'd ask.

Any responses appreciated.