Brand New to WPMUDEV - Setting up a Multi Site 3.0


I am brand new to WPMUDEV but not new to WP. I am however ready to set up my first multi-site.

I host with Dream Host and have converted over to the Private Virtual Server so that I can have wildcard DNS and I was about to start setting up.
I know there is a series of steps for setting up 3.0 multi-site. Does WPMUDEV have a cheat sheet to set up multi-site?


  • The Collective

    Hey drMike

    I am also new to wpmu, but have searched around alot through plugins and on google before posting this and have not found anything yet, so im hoping you can help me!

    I want people to come to my site, sign up for an account, when they do that, they will have a subdomain.....for example, then when they visit the wp-admin, through the easy blogging wizard they will begin to set up the look of their site, but i want to give them 5 options of theme, all the exact same set up in terms of tabs but different colours..... but here is what i think is the difficult bit, the theme i want to offer them isnt currently offered, thus i need a custom theme....

    I want someone to for example pick black and white version, and then when they get to the site, thes menu would read Home, About me, Past Experiences, Current thoughts, Pondering the future etc etc, in essence custom names for tabs (still need to finalize the names) ..... but I dont want the user to have to customize anything just have a site and post to all the pages that i have pre fabricated for them. at the moment everyone gets the twenty ten theme but they are not doing anything with them to customize it, thus the user experience what i wanted.... so i want to build it for them so all they need to do is write about their experiences etc..

    If you could give me as many steps in the process as possible to create this i would be greatful, as my knowledge of the subject is very poor!



  • The Collective

    i dont mind if they want to create pages, but i want them to arrive at a site where they wouldnt have to make pages if they didnt want to, but still beable to achieve the blogging goals set i.e have a home, about, past, present, future, so i just want them to choose the theme or get the theme i provide for them, and in that theme it has the page names set out as home, about me, past, present, future etc...

    in essence i am asking how to edit the code of a theme, which i can then upload to my site as an option for them to use.... so for example taking twenty ten which just has an about and a home page as standard, but the new version (after my editing) would have as standard, home, about me, past, present, future etc...

    does this make sense?



  • Mason


    The response Aaron gave you to use the New Blog Template plugin is your best choice. The 2010 theme doesn't create a home page and about page. Those are created by default on every new WordPress site.

    The New Blog Template plugin allows you to create one site with everything you want: template, pages, settings, etc. and then use it as the "template" for all future sites created. It's pretty powerful. Check it out here:

    Once a site is created using this plugin it will have all the options you put on the template site, but the user can then customize it to their wishes: add pages, delete them, etc.

    Hope this helps!


  • The Collective

    Hey MasonJames

    Thanks for your help. I downloaded the plugin and started to design my template and all was well, however I was trying to find a way for my users to easily edit the header image on the twentyten theme, found a piece of code online, put it in where it suggested in the functions.php file and it corrupted everything. As such i had to delete a load of sites using the service etc, or if i didnt have to, i didnt know what to do, so ended up deleting them.

    Everything fixed now but still dont know how to give them an easy method to change the header image, any suggestions?

    Thanks James

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