[Branda] Access and privacy control in Branda for end-users for a better end-user experience!

Branda is as you guys already know; It’s all about customizing your WPMU system for the end-users experience of your website/s and making the user experience better overall.

So why not also build in a way to control access to your WPMU system and which websites employees and end-users are allowed to join and login too, right?

Now that James decided to ditch +90 plugins and among that “Multi-site Privacy” there is no such option in the market anymore that enables you to do that anymore which is:

To partition up your websites with fine grained control over what websites that can be accessed in your WPMU network.

For example:

You may not want end-users or employees to join/or access and join automatically your company website, your Career portal, HR-system, CRM system or whatever you may wish to restrict, (By default: WMPU allows users to access all websites in the network), but you do like them to be able to join your public website, your community website etc.

So what I am suggesting is that why not add the “Multisite Privacy” features in an improved version into Branda so you can customize this for a even better experience for your end-users and gain even better security for yourself/your company too?

That is a win-win for both parties!

I think this would be an great addition to the already great Branda plugin and also offer something that cannot be found anywhere on the internet too!

@WPMU-DEV-Community: If you like my idea then +1 it!

Kind regards