[Branda] Admin bar showing to logged-out users and shouldn't

Hi - In last half hour I've lost connections to both Rupok Chowdhury and Kris (which I mention for two reasons - 1) maybe you can use their notes, and 2) these lost connections happen 85% of the time (mac/safari). Other than that, here’s the original Q I asked: “I contacted wpmu support a week ago or so about the admin bar appearing to users when logged-out (I'm using my STAGING site), when that should not be happening according to the Branda settings (don’t show admin bar to logged-out users). The original support tech said he couldn’t replicate issue, so recommended that I deactivate all plugins and then reactivate until culprit plugin isolated. I have done so on my STAGING site, and the culprit is BuddyPress. Can you verify, and then perhaps open a private support ticket for me?”