[Branda] Auto-create page .

Hi . Sometimes on mutlisite we need to help user un just .

When user or superadmin create a website, the submission auto-create 2 pages: privacy ( the possibility to translate) and custom page.

Custom-page: Via Branda, the superadmin configure the custom-page ( title and content). you can add more custom page.

privacy page : a page whith the RGPD and the Terms & Privacy text . (possibility to translate the text). The plugin auto generate(like jetpack do) the content and personalize text with the title of the website , the site name, the site url …

So, the function auto create page is separate in two part privacy and custom-page.

Privacy section get this options:

– activate or desactivate privacy .

– enter the name of your multisite compagnie: (text field)

– enter the contact and adress of your multisite compagnie: (text field)

– enter the names of your host (text field)

– enter your host contact and adress (large text field)

– enter personalized text to add at the end ( or top) of ( large text fields)