[Branda] Branda: different settings on multisite

Am I missing something or it is not implemented yet?

I love multisite, and often use it to set up multilanguage sites, or different sites on a same install (example: family site with one subsite for each member of the family).

Now I want to set up different settings for each subsite in a multisite, but as far as I know, I can only change the settings on the network admin level, and this applies to all of the subsites.

Example: the cookie notice, I write it in English for the main site, working fine, now I want to set up the cookie notice in French for the subsite that is the translation of the main site, how do I do that?

I guess it's the same question for other Branda features, different logos, different SMTP, different text replace (for example per language), one subsite in "coming soon" but not others, etc…

I thought I might be missing something as you state "multisite ready" ??

Many thx in advance for your reply.