[Branda] Branda: different settings on multisite

Am I missing something or it is not implemented yet?

I love multisite, and often use it to set up multilanguage sites, or different sites on a same install (example: family site with one subsite for each member of the family).

Now I want to set up different settings for each subsite in a multisite, but as far as I know, I can only change the settings on the network admin level, and this applies to all of the subsites.

Example: the cookie notice, I write it in English for the main site, working fine, now I want to set up the cookie notice in French for the subsite that is the translation of the main site, how do I do that?

I guess it's the same question for other Branda features, different logos, different SMTP, different text replace (for example per language), one subsite in "coming soon" but not others, etc…

I thought I might be missing something as you state "multisite ready" ??

Many thx in advance for your reply.

  • Fabio Fava
    • WordPress DevOps

    Hey Patricia BT !

    Since some version ago, Branda (at that time was Ultimate Branding) has changed: you can Network Disable Branda, and enable it per-Site. Normally when you enable it on every site, they tend (but not 100% garanteed) to use the prior settings (the ones you’ve set per-Network).

    Then you can change or make a clean setup on the sites it doesn’t get the prior settings (yes it happens and I can’t say why). I normally export the settings for when this happens, then I just import them on the sites that couldn’t leverage the prior network-wide settings.

    Hope this helps you (and I’m happy for my 900th Hero Point), cheers!

  • Patricia BT
    • Connector

    Thank you Fabio

    I tried that, but I get “Sorry, you are not allowed to access this page.” after having activated modules, when I click on the module edit icon. I’m logged in as the network admin, same user as the subsite main admin, on the site I tested. (works on the main site, doesn’t work on other subsites)

    EDIT: even worse now after deactivating activating modules. from the subsite /fr , the module edit icon links to the network admin settings, even though Branda is now network deactivated !?!

    EDIT 2: worked now by entering the link manually…. example for cookie notice:


    I was hoping for a setting in network that would say “allow site admins to override Branda settings”, and which would act as it takes the network settings by default, but the ones changed on a site-by-site basis.

    I’m not sure if it’s a feature request or a bug report then.



    • Fabio Fava
      • WordPress DevOps

      Hey Patricia BT !

      I have a “routine” that sometimes works:

      1) Network-Deactivate the issued plugin (Branda in this case);

      2) Delete the Plugin (sounds weird but uses to work);

      3) Run Plugins Garbage Collector on each site and delete any relevant DB Table(s);

      4) Clean DB with some trusted tool (Hummingbird is a good one here);

      5) Log-Out, clea all Cookies & Caches for that site (and light-up a candle just in case);

      6) Log-In and reinstall on the Network Admin, but only enable per-site.

      Hope this can help, it solves 75% of the “misterious cases” when something goes really sideways. Yesterday I’ve had this with the Hummingbird on a single site being migrated inside a Multisite. In my case, as was a new site, I’d rather rebuilt the “site skeleton” since no content had beeb added.

      But it sucks (sorry for my language). Cheers!

      • Patricia BT
        • Connector

        Thx, I edited my post for various comments while I was trying, I found a workaround which requires me to click on the edit which goes to network settings, then I manually change the url, I add the /subsite/ name and remove the /network/, then I can reach the subsite settings…

        hope this will be solved, and as a feature request, it would be a network checkbox to “allow subsite admins to override”, and get the Branda settings on all subsites

  • Adam Czajczyk
    • Support Gorilla

    Hi Patricia BT

    I hope you’re fine today!

    The plugin can be “per site” activated but yes, there are some “quirks” I’m afraid. However, we’re working on some serious improvements already so a network activated plugin would have “sub-configs” on sites – for those modules that can properly work separately for sub-sites there would be separate “dashboards” available on sub-sites (so you could “override” general settings) while those that could only work network-wide wouldn’t be available there (only on network admin level).

    This is planned for 3.2.x release, though it’s also still being worked on so I can’t give you an ETA or a definite version number. But it seems that the work’s going quite well so if everything passes tests it should be there to solve those issues.

    Best regards,


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