[Branda] Branda feature requests

The new Branda is an improvement- an impressive one at that. However, it falls short in a couple areas.

In addition to customizing the admin bar, It would be useful if we could customize the admin menus on a role basis. For example, on a woo site being able to remove 95% of the clutter for a store manager and just show them the woo menus to add and edit their products, and maybe the ability to create a post and edit it as well whilst hiding every other menu item, sweet!

And you could take that one step further and add in the ability to selectively show and hide meta boxes on the woo product add/edit page, or post add/edit page on a role basis. This would reduce the clutter of options available to the customer.

Being able to show and hide more options on a role basis would eliminate the need for a bunch of additional plugins that in themselves eliminate the need for Branda.