[Branda] Branda Has Issues: Admin Bar is not working as expected on multiple fronts

Branda has major issues in the Admin Bar on multisite. I'd imagine it is mind boggling trying to test so much with a variety of setups and plugins as they all interact. Well, here is what we have discovered on several of our multisite setups when using Branda Version 3.1.1 using the Divi theme.

I am logged in as Site Admin on our Network with the following issues:

1) Ordering of menus only sticks on dashboard pages. Once viewing the actual site the ordering reverts back to some other ordering method as well as all the links we had hidden.

2) Hiding items only happens when viewing Dashboard. All links are present when viewing the site frontend.

3) Images might have been fixed for custom menu items (haven't tested because everything else broke) but now when you add a regular icon and text the text is missing.

4) Open custom menu link in same window always opens in a new window. target="current" is in the html.