[Branda] Google Tag Manager w/ Branda's tracking code section?

Is it possible to use Google Tag Manager (GTM) with Branda?

Specifically, here:
Branda > Utilities > Tracking Codes

I tried using the body code script, but Branda appears to insert the GTM script down low in the page. So far below the <body> tag, that it bumps out the second WooCommerce product from alignment. (eg: normally 2 products per row on mobile. tag insert makes 1 product on first row w/ blank space for 2nd product… and the remaining products have 2 products/row)

any ideas or suggestions? i’m not finding any content on the topic when searching through the Branda features, forums, etc… which seems kinda odd. it feels as though everyone was asking how to integrate GTM into their sites (via WPMU plugins) for a long while… but no one else has tried using Branda for inserting GTM tags?

…things that make ya go hmmmmm